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Renault Immobiliser & Renault Bypass Module


Renault immobiliser failed?
Fit a Renault immobiliser bypass module or have a new key coded.

Renault Immobiliser & Renault Bypass Module  
+VAT & Postage
(this does not cover Magneti Marelli, Sirius and Bosch types these will cost £163.95)

Do you have a Renault ECU similar to the one pictured above, don't listen to others who will tell you what can or cannot be done. Automotive Electronics can fix all types of Renault ECU, send it to us and we will fix it for you.

Get the Renault ECU from another Renault and send it to Automotive Electronics, we will clear it down and return it to you ready to fit. All you need to do when we return your unit is to install it and it will work without any coding in the same model vehicle.

Renault cars suffer with many problems, one being Renault ECU problems. Usually you have to purchase a brand new ecu from the dealers, or purchase the ECU, immobiliser, key and receiver units all for the same car as they all have to be coded together.

Automotive Electronics will fix your Renault ECU and return it to you in an uncoded state, allowing you to fit it in any similar vehicle.

+VAT & Postage
ECU types:- Magneti Marelli, Sirius and Bosch

Only £165.95 / £94.95(+VAT & Postage) - To reprogram your Renault ECU

£poa (+VAT & Postage) - Our New Renault Plug In Immobiliser Bypass Unit.


Our Renault bypass module will work with the following vehicles:-

  • Renault Clio - all models manufactured up to 2003 and beyond
  • Renault 19 - all models manufactured
  • Renault Twingo - all models manufactured
  • Renault Laguna - all models manufactured up to 2001
  • Renault Megane - all models manufactured up to 2001
  • Renault Espace - all models manufactured up to 2001
  • Renault Kangoo vans - all models manufactured up to 2003
  • Renault Master vans - all models manufactured up to 2003

and don't forget any other van, that is really a Renault:- Nissan / Vauxhall

Renault Immobiliser Plug In Bypass

renault plug in immobilser bypass renault plug in immobiliser bypass unit    


Please call Automotive Electronics to enquire about the suitability of this Renault plug in immobiliser bypass unit for your Renault. This bypass unit provides an easy solution to your renault immobiliser problems. We have made this our easiest unit to fit, simply provide the relevant vehicle details, we will code the plug, return it to you and instruct you were to plug it in - then you can drive away!

This is a total bypass of the immobiliser system, we will fit our electronics free of charge into your supplied immobiliser. Please call today and we will guide you through the easy removal of your faulty immobiliser.

Please telephone 01782 518 086 (office hrs) or directly on 07711 660 980

Once we have spoken with you and agreed to repair your immobiliser module, please send the unit back to us using Recorded Delivery post. All units we return will be dispatched using Special Delivery including insurance to cover any loss.

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